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Role Play


Indefinite articles - multiple choice (Educandy 165d)
Definite articles - multiple choice (Educandy 165e)
Ser (present) - Quizlet
Estar (present) - Quizlet
Tener (present) - Quizlet
Ir (present) - Quizlet
Hacer (present) - Quizlet
Personal Pronouns - Quizlet

Gender and number
masculine or feminine, singular or plural ? Fling the Teacher


Numbers 1-100

Los números 1 a 10
multiple choice game
Los números 1 a 10 Tetris
Los números 1 a 12 Memory game
Los números 1 a 6 Matching game
Los números 7 a 12 Matching game
Numbers 1-10 Quizlet
Numbers 1-20 Quizlet
Numbers 11-20 Quizlet

0-10 Word search / Hangman / Anagrams (Educandy 165a)
0-20 Word search / Hangman / Anagrams (Educandy 165b)
Numbers 1-20 multiple choice game
Los números 1 a 20 Fling the Teacher
Los números a 100 Fling the Teacher
Numbers 20-30 Quizlet
Numbers 0-110 Quizlet


Core Vocab matching game

Clothes memory game


Christmas Multi-Choice Quiz


Saying hello and goodbye Memory game

Noughts and Crosses / Crosswords / Match up / Memory game / Multiple Choice (Educandy 15b)
Memory Game

Matching Activity
Teacher Invaders
Shoot the right colour!

Colours Quizlet











































fruta y legumbres Fruit and vegetables jigsaw puzzle (easy)
fruitveg - Fruit and vegetable jigsaw puzzle (harder)
Fruit - Memory Game
Vegetables - Memory Game
Fruit - Matching Game
Vegetables - Matching Game

Fruit - Crossword



"En mi estuche" Flashcards, matching game and wordsearch
"En mi estuche" Hangman

"En mi estuche" - Memory Game
"En mi estuche" - Matching Game
"En mi estuche" - Sentence Game
Flashcards and other activities for learning "En mi estuche" vocabulary

"En mi estuche" - Teacher Invaders (type the words)
"En mi estuche" - Crossword


Days of the week

Hangman - Enter the correct letters and save the teddy!
Match up the Days
Pairs, matching and a wordsearch
Click and drag or shoot the Day

Days - Quizlet


Months of the year

Match up the months
Memory game
Tetris -
type the correct month in English
Months - Quizlet



Telling the time - Quizlet