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Le Zouave
(MS Word 24 KB)

added 20.3.18

Les fournitures scolaires (la rentrée)
(MS Word 22 KB)

added 02.08.16

Je voudrais un chien
(MS Word 16 KB)

added 23.02.16

Je voudrais un chaton
(MS Word 18 KB)

added 23.02.16

Avez-vous des frères ou soeurs?
(MS Word 19 KB)

added 23.02.16

Quel est le sport que vous détestez le plus?
(MS Word 19 KB)

added 23.02.16

Record-breaking pizza - reading activity
(MS Word 84 KB)

added 13.8.15

Tour de France figures - reading activity
(MS Word 22 KB)

added 13.8.15

Parallel text: L'Epiphanie
(MS Word 21 KB

added 20.1.15

Reading comprehension - Christmas holidays
(MS Word 18 KB)

added 15.4.14

(MS Word 26 KB)

A louer
(MS Word 87 KB)

Le weekend dernier - letter
(MS Word 25 KB)

Mes heures de loisirs
(MS Word 31 KB)

Le weekend dernier
(MS Word 30 KB)

Poem about hobbies
(JPG 132 KB)

Daily routine
(MS Word 20 KB)

Ma journée en Suisse - Perfect tense account of a day-trip
(MS Word 122 KB)

Partitive article - Amusing poem about food
(MS Word 190 KB)

Anthology of reading texts

Ideas for exploiting a text
(MS Word 22 KB)

Parts of the body - describing imaginary animals
(MS Word 31 KB)

Cher corres - people looking for penfriends
(MS Word 45 KB)

Ghost story
(MS Word 21 KB)

Passť Composť - letter about a holiday
(MS Word 21 KB)