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GCSE challenge cards
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added 25.4.14

Vocabulary revision - places in town
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GCSE Speaking revision schedule
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Speaking questions booklet
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Core vocabulary
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Ubersetze diese Sätze ins Deutsche Vergangenheit mit haben
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Futur ganz einfach
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Critical Friend Tally Chart (self and peer assessment for coursework)
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GCSE Coursework Mark Scheme
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Bist du fit ?
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Bist du fit oder nicht ?
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Die Freizeit
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Coursework Mats
Profile of a famous person Side A Side B (MS Word 265 KB, 145 KB)
Bin ich fit ? Side A Side B (MS Word 143 KB, 148 KB)
Mein Schulleben Side A Side B (MS Word 144 KB, 155 KB)

Baby noch einmal - the Wise Guys sing Britney's "Hit me baby one more time" in German
Gap fill

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Answers to the gap fill
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The Song
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AQA Modular GCSE 2E Auf der Bank
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AQA Modular GCSE Module 1 Speaking Tips
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AQA GCSE Breakdowns (2E)
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Future time phrases
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Past time phrases
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AQA GCSE Healthy Living - fancy phrases
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AQA GCSE Helping at Home - fancy phrases
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AQA GCSE Part-time jobs and Work experience - fancy phrases
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AQA GCSE Oral Presentation guidance
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AQA GCSE Oral Presentation exemplar
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Holidays writing frame
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Coursework mat
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Speaking Building Blocks
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GCSE Speaking exam conversation questions practice
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(MS PowerPoint 774 KB)

The Simpsons do Personal Identification
(MS PowerPoint 1.4 MB)

Die Umwelt
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Die Realschule Kreuzau stellt sich vor
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Geschwister und Hobbys
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