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Saying which places are in your town (YouTube)

Saying you are going to a place in town (YouTube)

Saying and understanding the verb to go (YouTube)

Saying which form of transport you are taking (YouTube)


Verb ir


Places in town (all)
(PDF 1.3 MB)

Places in town (cognates only)
(PDF 525 KB)

Places in town (non-cognates)
(PDF 492 KB)

Small picture and word cards (cognates)
(PDF 533 KB)


Places in town retrieval listening
(MS PowerPoint 786 KB)

(PDF 319 KB)

added 13.12.19

Places in town random selector - press S to start and stop
(MS PowerPoint 483 KB)
added 20.09.19

Practising places in town with ClassPOPs
(MS PowerPoint 625 KB)

Find out about ClassPOPs here
added 03.11.15

Using grande and pequeño to describe places in town
(MS PowerPoint 1.1 MB)

added 03.11.15

Describing places in town with ClassPOPs
(MS PowerPoint 607 KB)

Find out about ClassPOPs here
added 03.11.15

Grid for practising places in town
(MS PowerPoint 823 KB)

Hay / No hay with places in town
(MS PowerPoint 850 KB)

Describing places in town
(MS PowerPoint 801 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 3.3 MB)

(MS PowerPoint 528 KB)

(MS PowerPoint 858 KB)

En mi pueblo Cluedo
(MS PowerPoint 377 KB)

Count the infinitives
(MS PowerPoint 383 KB)


5 in a row - places in town
(PDF 268 KB)

added 23.8.15

Word cards for living sentences
(MS Word 25 KB)

Verb cards for Quiz-quiz-trade
(PDF 647 KB)

Verbs posters
(PDF 186 KB)

En mi pueblo crossword
(PDF 496 KB)


Unit 16A progress record
(PDF 19 KB)

Unit 16B progress record
(PDF 21 KB)

Unit 16C progress record
(PDF 20 KB)

added 28.9.20

En mi pueblo sentence builder (adjectives only)
(PDF 15 KB)

added 28.9.20

Describing your town - odd one out
(PDF 144 KB)

added 3.7.20

Describing your town - Trapdoor
(PDF 20 KB)

added 3.7.20

Describing your town minibook
(PDF 620 KB)

added 3.7.20

En mi pueblo hay... and adjectives - sentence builder (flowchart)
(PDF 270 KB)

added 18.6.20

En mi pueblo hay... and adjectives - sentence builder (table)
(PDF 511 KB)

added 18.6.20

Model texts using opinions and infinitives
(PDF 55 KB)

added 13.12.19

Hay / no hay writing strip
(PDF 80 KB)

added 20.09.19

En mi pueblo translation activity (3 levels)
(PDF 29 KB)

added 10.1.17

En mi pueblo se puede + infinitive (2 levels)
(PDF 30 KB)

added 27.11.16

En mi pueblo vocabulary practice
(PDF 695 KB)

added 16.09.16

En mi pueblo and descriptions puzzles
(PDF 741 KB)

added 03.11.15

En mi pueblo puzzle
(PDF 160 KB)

added 23.8.15

Places in town grid
(PDF 139 KB)

En mi pueblo cut and stick
(PDF 355 KB)

En mi pueblo vocab list
( PDF 19 KB)

Verb list
(PDF 52 KB)

Printing verbs
(PDF 81 KB)

Verbs crossword
(PDF 473 KB)

Verbs spiral
(PDF 113 KB)

Spanish verbs
(PDF 23 KB)

Wallwisher "En mi pueblo"
Table to fill in using the Wallwisher

(PDF 25 KB)

¿Qué apuestas? verbs
(PDF 345 KB)

Se puede + infinitives
(PDF 76 KB)

En mi pueblo ticklist
(PDF 210 KB)

Vocab list
(PDF 54 KB)

Town / se puede Trapdoor
(PDF 17 KB)

added 1.9.14



A5 transport flashcards
(PDF 2.1 MB)

Transport tiny word and picture cards
(PDF 2.8 KB)


Retrieval activity (weather/town/transport)
(MS PowerPoint 383 KB)
added 23.6.20

Transport match-up
(MS PowerPoint 614 KB)

Find the transport
(MS PowerPoint 527 KB)


Helicóptero translation activity
(PDF 19 KB)

added 10.1.17

Find the transport
(PDF 535 KB)

Transport repetition activities
(PDF 218 KB)

¿Cómo vas? - transport and places
(PDF 1.4 KB)



Personal pronouns
(PDF 1.5 MB)


Secret sentence (voy+place+transport)
(MS PowerPoint 336 KB)

added 31.1.20

Secret sentence (ir+place+transport)
(MS PowerPoint 338 KB)

added 31.1.20

Sample text using ir
(MS PowerPoint 88 KB)

added 03.06.19

Transport and places
(MS PowerPoint 505 KB)

People and ir
(MS PowerPoint 943 KB)

Mixed-up sentences answers
(MS PowerPoint 401 KB)

¿Qué apuestas" answers
(MS PowerPoint 388 KB)

Ir, transport and places post-it grid
(PDF 1.2 MB)

Ir, transport and places extended sentences
(MS PowerPoint 421 KB)


Transport and ir odd one out
(PDF 144 KB)

added 3.7.20

Transport and ir minibook
(PDF 568 KB)

added 3.7.20

Ir + places + transport sentence builder
(PDF 115 KB)

added 18.6.20

Ir and places practice
(PDF 29 KB)

added 30.4.17

Transport and places dialogue
(PDF 41 KB)

added 23.02.16

5 in a row - ir
(PDF 42 KB)

added 23.8.15

Ir puzzle
(PDF 290 KB)

added 28.4.15

Ir list
(PDF 22 KB)

added 9.4.14

Ir flower
(PDF 104 KB)

added 9.4.14

Transport and town sentence pictures
(PDF 3.7 MB)

¿Qué apuestas? grid
(MS Word 57 KB)

Ir, places and transport mixed-up sentences
(PDF 47 KB)

Post-it grid Ir, places and transport
(PDF 2 MB)

Agreeing and disagreeing
(PDF 26 KB)

Ir, places and transports gap-fill
(MS Word 24 KB)

Ir and places Trapdoor
(PDF 19 KB)

added 9.4.14

Digging deep and writing longer sentences
(PDF 135 KB)

added 9.4.14



Vigo parallel text
(MS PowerPoint 702 KB)

added 03.06.19

Vigo parallel text vocab search
(MS PowerPoint 628 KB)

added 03.06.19

Then and Now 1
(MS PowerPoint 884 KB)

Then and Now 2
(MS PowerPoint 560 KB)

Then and Now 3 - Carroll diagram
(MS PowerPoint 565 KB

Then and Now 4 - Description
(MS PowerPoint 407 KB)

Then and Now 5 - Bilbao text
(MS PowerPoint 377 KB)

Then and Now 6 - Phonic focus on Bilbao text
(MS PowerPoint 296 KB)

Then and Now 7 - Barcelona text tiles
(MS PowerPoint 411 KB)

Then and Now 8 - Key vocabulary match up
(MS PowerPoint 290 KB)


Then and Now writing neat sheet
(PDF 537 KB)

added 03.06.19

Vigo parallel text
(PDF 304 KB)

added 03.06.19

Vigo trapdoor
(PDF 19 KB)

added 03.06.19

Carroll diagram sentences
(PDF 14 KB)

added 03.06.19

Then and Now writing strip
(PDF 28 KB)

added 9.6.18

Vigo - add the spaces and punctuation
(PDF 15 KB)

Translate the text
(PDF 15 KB)

added 30.4.17

Then and Now vocabulary
(PDF 31 KB)

added 06.05.16

Then and Now square puzzle
(PDF 9 KB)

Then and Now square puzzle on one page
(PDF 689 KB)

(PDF 9 KB)

(PDF 9 KB)

added 06.05.16

Then and Now square puzzle - extended
(PDF 11 KB)

Then and Now square puzzle on one page - extended
(PDF 866 KB)

(PDF 10 KB)

(11 KB)

added 06.05.16

Then and Now verbs and connectives
(MS Word 19 KB)

added 28.4.15

Then and Now email
(PDF 67 KB)

Describing towns with adjectives
(PDF 37 KB)

Carroll diagram for sorting nouns
(PDF 153 KB)

Bilbao text - add the spaces and punctuation
(PDF 10 KB)

Bilbao text - unmix the anagrams
(PDF 10 KB)

Barcelona text - 1 in 3
(PDF 13 KB)

Barcelona text - tiles
(PDF 11 KB)

Bilbao and Barcelona texts
(MS Word 25 KB)




Conjugating the verb to speak (YouTube)


Así soy yo minibook
(PDF 860 KB)

added 3.7.20

Natalie Portman - reading activity
(PDF 405 KB)

added 3.7.20

Vivir + countries sentence builder
(PDF 144 KB)

added 3.7.20

Describing your nationality etc - dialogue
(PDF 45 KB)

added 3.7.20

Countries/nationalities/languages sentence builder
(PDF 22 KB)

added 23.6.20

Hablar + languages - sentence builder
(PDF 49 KB)

added 18.6.20

Logic puzzle
(PDF 32 KB)

added 18.6.20

Sentence builder (ser/hablar/vivir) - flowchart
(PDF 19 KB)

added 18.6.20

Sentence builder (ser/hablar/vivir) - table
(PDF 53KB)

added 18.6.20

Writing questions proforma
(PDF 39 KB)

added 18.6.20