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added 08.08.23

La historia de pan de muerto (Día de Muertos)
(MS Word 49 KB)

added 21.10.16

The top 10 most watched animated series - reading activity
(PDF 49 KB)

added 13.8.15

Celebrities' backstage riders - reading activity
(PDF 54 KB)

added 13.8.15

Celebrities' first jobs
(PDF 52 KB)

added 13.8.15

Sports done by celebrities
(PDF 52 KB)

added 13.8.15

Frases legendarias del cine
(MS Word 25 KB)

added 13.8.15

Los Chupa-Chups - reading activity
(MS Word 39 KB)

added 23.6.14

Los Reyes Españoles que se llaman Felipe - reading activity
(MS Word 232 KB)

added 23.6.14

El descubrimiento de las Américas - reading activity
(MS Word 71 KB)

added 12.5.14

School song - from Arriba 1
(MS Word 126 KB)

Jobs in the house - amusing cartoon
(JPG 103 KB)

La rutina de una joven mexicana
(MS Word 21 KB)

Personal identification and school
(MS Word 49 KB)

Mi pueblo se llama Tierra - Web page with interesting statistics about the world's population

Anthology of reading texts

Spanish cognates - list for reference
(MS Word 43 KB)

Spanish false friends - list for reference
(MS Word 73 KB)

Ideas for exploiting a text
(MS Word 22 KB)

Members of family / saber vs conocer
(MS Word 68 KB)

Las palabras viven - Differences between Castillian and American Spanish
(MS Word 20 KB)

Personal identification and family
(MS Word 24 KB)

Animals - information and advice about pets
(MS Word 64 KB)

Animals - students give information about their pets
(MS Word 23 KB)

El mundo hispano - about all the countries where Spanish is spoken
(MS Word 20 KB)

Family members - description of a family tree
(MS Word 28 KB)

Clothes - fashions
(MS Word 23 KB)

Los extraterrestres - Aliens and parts of the body !
(MS Word 27 KB)

Numbers - list of numbers in Spanish for reference
(MS Word 21 KB)

Menu - school dinners in Spain
(MS Word 178 KB)

Menu - from a café
(MS Word 39 KB)

TV programmes - types of programme, likes and dislikes
(MS Word 20 KB)

Los Simpson - brief pen-portraits of everyone's favourite yellow family
(MS Word 26 KB)

Los Simpson - background information
(MS Word 23 KB)

Navidad - Christmas customs from South America
(MS Word 27 KB)

Pascua - Easter customs
(MS Word 24 KB)

Asereje - Words of the song
(MS Publisher 187 KB)

Biografía de las Ketchup
(MS Publisher 31 KB)

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