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Self, family and friends
House, home and daily routine
Free time
Jobs and the future
Speaking support
Writing support
Reading support
Schemes of work



Profile of a famous person learing mat
Side A Side B (MS Word 129 KB, 154 KB)

GCSE resources for "Self, family and friends"
Designed for pupils with SEN
Self, family and friends vocab list
(MS Word 141 KB)

Countries and nationalities vocab list
(MS Word 119 KB)

Miki el Mono - introduction movie
(MS WMV 2.8 MB)

Personal identification gapfill

(MS Word 1 MB)

Hair and eyes mini-dictionary
(MS Word 40 KB)

Physical description heads to fill in
(MS Publisher 47 KB)

Photos with speech bubbles
(MS PowerPoint 1.16 MB)

Photos for description verdad/mentira
(MS PowerPoint 1.9 MB)

Blank monkey face to design own character
(MS Publisher 43 KB)

Describing a third person
(MS PowerPoint 408 KB)

Family crossword
(MS Word 35 KB)

(MS Word 101 KB)

Nationalities crossword
(MS Publisher 211 KB)

Describing yourself crossword
(MS Word 33 KB)

Antónimos - personal description
(MS Word 22 KB)

Laura Pausini (I)
(MS Word 66 KB)

Laura Pausini (II)
(MS Word 41 KB)

José Antonio Reyes
(MS Word 209 KB)

Personal identification
(MS Word 17 KB)


Describing school uniform
(MS Word 42 KB)

School and opinions writing frame
(MS Word 40 KB)

(MS Word 25 KB)


House, home and daily routine coursework mat
side A

(MS Word 54 KB)

side B
(MS Word 59 KB)

GCSE resources for "House and Home"
Designed for pupils with SEN
Vocabulary list
(MS Word 142 KB)

(MS Word 110 KB)

En mi casa puzzle
(MS Publisher 44 KB)

Furniture - to stick the pictures in
(MS Word 31 KB)

Furniture pictures to stick in to above
(MS Publisher 107 KB)

En mi dormitorio - listen and draw items in the right place
(MS Publisher 317 KB)

En mi dormitorio - draw objects in and describe where they are
(MS Publisher 318 KB)
En mi dormitorio
(MS PowerPoint 429 KB)

En mi dormitorio verdad/mentira
(MS Word 301 KB)

House and home
(MS Word 49 KB)


El transporte triangle puzzle
(PDF 24 KB)

(PDF 22 KB)

(PDF 26 KB)

added 28.4.15

Preparation for Controlled Assessment "Mi pueblo"
Barcelona gap-fill
(PDF 22 KB)

Mi pueblo wordmat
(MS Word 55 KB)

A-Z useful vocabulary
(MS Word 62 KB)

Sevilla webquest
(MS Word 14 KB)

Barcelona comprehension
(MS Word 27 KB)

GCSE resources for "In Town"
Designed for pupils with SEN
Vocabulary list
(MS Word 76 KB)

Sunderland en 1908 y en 2008
(MS PowerPoint 685 KB)

¿ Dónde vives ?
(PDF 52 KB)

Practising 'a' and 'the' with places in town
(MS Word 94 KB)

En tren en Chile
(MS Word 16 KB)

Buying train tickets - dialogues
(MS Word 27 KB)

En la estación de trenes - dialogues for listening
(MS Word 28 KB)

En la estación de trenes - more dialogues for listening
(MS Word 29 KB)

En la estación de trenes - grid for above listening texts
(MS Word 34 KB)

En la estación de trenes pair dictation
(MS Word 27 KB)


Account of a holiday coursework mat
Side A
Side B (MS Word 130 KB, 145 KB)

Christmas holidays writing frame
(MS Word 20 KB)

Christmas holidays writing frame
(MS Excel 77 KB)

Resources for "Holiday Abroad" GCSE coursework
Designed for pupils with SEN
(PDF 2 MB)

Dates puzzles
(MS Word 49 KB)

When, where and how?
(PDF 395 KB)

Time cut and stick
(MS Publisher 267 KB)

¿A qué hora saliste?
(MS Word 34 KB)

¿Con quién viajaste?
(MS Word 217 KB)

Mis vacaciones - writing the first paragraph
(PDF 690 KB)
Wordsearch for early finishers
(MS Word 35 KB)

Points of the compass
(MS Publisher 385 KB)

Points of the compass, cerca/lejos
(MS PowerPoint 729 KB)

En mi habitación vocabulary

(MS PowerPoint 137 KB)

En mi habitación sentence builder
(MS PowerPoint 41 KB)

En mi habitación vocabulary practice - slow reveal
(MS PowerPoint 216 KB)

Problemas en el hotel
(MS PowerPoint 363 KB)
Hotel floors reading
(PDF 61 KB)

Problemas en el hotel
(MS Word 214 KB)

Blank hotel plan to fill in
(MS Publisher 45 KB)

List of adjectives to use
(MS Word 57 KB)

Tourism writing frame
(MS Word 37 KB)

En el hotel - ser/estar/hay
(MS Word 19 KB)

Hotel writing frame
(MS Word 37 KB)

Lost property
(MS Word 35 KB)


GCSE resources for "Free time and entertainment"
Designed for pupils with SEN
Sports and opinions crossword
(MS Publisher 285 KB)

Opinions and hobbies grid
(MS Publisher 88 KB)

Opinions and hobbies battleships
(MS Publisher 132 KB)

Opinions and hobbies Loto
(MS Publisher 113 KB)

¿Qué te gusta hacer? for listening
(MS Publisher 147 KB)

Hobbies long sentence puzzle
(MS Word 32 KB)

Hobbies long sentence puzzle worksheet
(MS Word 30 KB)

¡Somos deportivos!
(PDF 103 KB)

¡Son deportivos!
(MS Word 103 KB)

Going out - past tense
(MS Word 144 KB)

Free time writing frame
(MS Word 59 KB)

Football vocabulary
(MS Word 207 KB)


GCSE resources for "Visions of the Future"
Designed for pupils with SEN
En el futuro writing frame
(MS Word 33 KB)

Medio ambiente writing frame
(MS Word 37 KB)

Robots in the future writing frame
(MS Word 55 KB)

Medio ambiente crossword
(MS Word 30 KB)

(MS Word 29 KB)


Food and drink Quiz Quiz Trade in 3 tenses
(MS PowerPoint 252 KB)

added 9.4.14

Healthy lifestyle writing frame
(MS Word 52 KB)

Healthy lifestyle vocabulary
(MS Word 40 KB)

La vida deportista de una quinceañera - gap fill
(MS Word 29 KB)

Health writing frame
(MS Word 22 KB)


¡Sigue hablando! - language mat of confidence building phrases
(PDF 62 KB)

Role plays A and B
(MS Excel 48 KB)

GCSE General Conversation Topics - model answers
(MS Word 81 KB)

GCSE Speaking revision schedule
(MS Word 51 KB)

GCSE Speaking - El Colegio
(MS Word 27 KB)

GCSE role plays
(MS Word 25 KB)


PDFs from Task Magic:
Time expressions match up

(PDF 22 KB)

Time expressions multimatch
(PDF 26 KB)

Time expressions write
(PDF 20 KB)

Good coursework phrases
(MS Word 245 KB)

Core language for coursework
(MS Word 62 KB)

Los 100 verbos más usados en español
(MS Word 72 KB)

Idiomatic vocabulary
(MS Word 23 KB)


100 common Spanish words
(PDF 51 KB)

added 15.4.14

Reading strategies
(MS Word 34 KB)

Synonyms and Antonyms
(MS Word 58 KB)

GCSE tips
(MS Word 23 KB)


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AQA GCSE (Specification A Linear) 2005 cohort
A bit old now but still useful as a point of reference

Unit 1A
(MS Word 51 KB)

Unit 1B
(MS Word 40 KB)

Unit 1C
(MS Word 46 KB)

Unit 1D
MS Word 36 KB)

Unit 1E
(MS Word 42 KB)

Unit 2A
(MS Word 42 KB)

Unit 2B
(MS Word 46 KB)

Unit 2C
(MS Word 44 KB)

Unit 3B
(MS Word 50 KB)



Pop (by La Oreja de Van Gogh) verb gap fill
(PDF 70 KB)

added 21.8.17

Días festivos
Squares puzzle
(PDF 25 KB)

(PDF 25 KB)

(PDF 25 KB)

(PDF 25 KB)

(PDF 26 KB)

added 30.4.17