Trotro et le sapin de Noël - gap-fill and translation
(PDF 77 KB)

added 27.11.16

Trotro et les cadeaux de Noël - listening and ordering
(PDF 96 KB)

added 27.11.16

Comment as-tu fêté Noël l'année dernière? - Translation activity
(PDF 94 KB)

added 27.11.16

Joyeux Noël bauble to decorate
(PDF 63 KB)

added 22.11.15

Count the shapes on the Christmas pictures
(PDF 49 KB)

added 22.11.15

Christmas Trapdoor activity
(PDF 193 KB)

added 22.11.15

Decorate the Christmas tree - reading activity
(PDF 290 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas counting game
(PDF 302 KB)

added 17.11.15

Joyeux Noël sign
(PDF 556 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas fortune teller for sentence building
(PDF 958 KB)

added 17.11.5

Christmas bookmarks (secular)
(PDF 385 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas bookmarks (Christmas story)
(PDF 179 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas doorhanger for colouring
(PDF 754 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas squares puzzle
(PDF 318 KB)

(PDF 73 KB)

(PDF 355 KB)

added 17.11.15

Joyeux Noël bunting
(PDF 250 KB)

added 17.11.15

Christmas word mat
(PDF 344 KB)

added 17.11.15

Parallel text: L'Epiphanie
(MS Word 21 KB

added 20.1.15

Christmas colour matching, ideal for KS1
(PDF 693 KB)

added 05.12.14

Christmas minibook for dictionary use
(PDF 20 KB)

added 05.12.14

Christmas Garlands
(PDF 114 KB)

added 15.4.14

Christmas Spiral
(PDF 128 KB)

Christmas letter-fill
(PDF 25 KB)

Intercultural Understanding - Christmas & New Year - a podcast
(MP3 5.8 MB)

Noël chez les FLAs français
a podcast by FLAs talking about Christmas celebrations in France
(MP3 2.3 MB)

Calendrier de l'Avent (from

Un calendrier de l'Avent

Christmas sound files for French

Christmas Mini-book 1
(PDF 172 KB)
Flashcards for Mini-book 1
(PDF 116 KB)
Christmas Mini-book 2
(PDF 221 KB)

Flashcards for Mini-book 2
(PDF 63 KB)

How to make a mini-book

Christmas Blockbusters
(MS PowerPoint 342 KB)

Christmas Dominoes
(MS Word 630 KB)

Une carte de Noël
(PDF 686 KB)

Christmas Movie - get them writing in 3 tenses !
(MS WMA 2.9 MB)

accompanying worksheet
(PDF 520 KB)

Christmas Wordsearch
(MS Word 87 KB)

Christmas Sudoku
(MS Word 174 KB)

Christmas Cluedo
(MS PowerPoint 2.4 MB)
added 28.4.14
Christmas Cluedo

(MS Word 41 KB)

(MS Publisher 930 KB)

Un chant de Noël
(MS Word 22 KB)

Christmas in France
(MS Word 68 KB)

Christmas Crossword
(MS Word 28 KB)

List of French Christmas Words
(MS Word 22 KB)

Noël en Europe
(MS Word 42 KB)

Le Père Noël existe ?
(MS Word 57 KB)

Joyeux Noël
(MS Word 132 KB)

Joyeux Noël II
(MS Word 28 KB)

Christmas negatives
(MS Word 23 KB)

Christmas wordsearch
(MS Word 22 KB)

On l'appelait Nez Rouge
(MS Word 29 KB)