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Africa wordsearch
(PDF 510 KB)

Weblinks for many subject areas
(MS Word 146 KB)

Ideas for many subject areas
(PDF 176 KB)

World Cup 2006 Sudoku
(PDF 30 KB)

World Cup flags for colouring and labelling
(PDF 113 KB)

Team strips
(MS Word 1.3 MB)

(MS Publisher 223 KB)


The beauty of MFL is that you can take ideas from any subject area and adapt them !
Here are some subject-specific resources:

Players' countries and nationalities (French)
(PDF 170 KB)

Teams Word Scramble
(PDF 27 KB)

Football Crossword
(PDF 12 KB)

Les drapeaux de la Coupe du Monde (workshop)
(MS Word 235 KB)

Time Zones en français
(MS PowerPoint 100 KB)

Find the countries (French)
(PDF 12 KB)

Find the teams (French)
(PDF 14 KB)

World Cup flags (French)
(PDF 115 KB)

World Cup Schedule (French)
(PDF 30 KB)

Find the countries (German)
(PDF 11 KB)

Find the teams (German)
(PDF 12 KB)

Find the countries (Spanish)
(PDF 11 KB)

Find the teams (Spanish)
(PDF 14 KB)

What languages do they speak ?
(PDF 16 KB)


Maths / Numeracy

Which team scored the most goals in 2002 ?
(PDF 13 KB)


World Cup Facts and Figures
(MS PowerPoint 252 KB)

Workshop - Promoting Intercultural Understanding
(MS PowerPoint 233 KB)